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Meet the Pros: Shiella Cowan

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Shiella Cowan

Head Female Instructor

Shiella was the first female head golf professional in the province in 1996. Since then she has dedicated her career to developing female golfers - not only adult women, but junior girl golfers.

Shiella believes in the 6 pillars for great golf performance.

  • Mental toughness
  • Technical skill
  • Tactical - thinking your way around the golf course
  • Emotional awareness
  • Practise methods
  • Fitness and nutrition


  • 2-time BC women’s PGA Champion
  • Coach of New Competitors
  • Certified Titleist fitter
  • Certified Taylor made fitter
  • BA Physical Education
  • Minor Sport Psychology
  • Aim Point Certified

"Shiella was an amazing instructor.  Can’t wait until the next level in November!!!"

Cheryl R.


"Just completed 5 lessons with Shiella and would highly recommend... especially if you are a female golfer! She knows her stuff, makes it fun and non-intimidating. I’ll be taking more lessons during the off season with her for sure!"

Andrea J.