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Private Lessons for Juniors

"Highly recommended to bring your kids to learn some golf with Patrick Lago and his team. Well equipped facilities and professional instructors that you would always want to come back lesson after lesson!"

Beniot Y.

"Excellent Coach. Patrick has a way with the young kids and ensures safety protocols are adhered to at all times."

Brandon C.

"Golf is a sport that is best taught by someone other than a parent and Patrick and his team fill that role brilliantly. My son loved each and every lesson and learned so much. We had three sets of five lessons,15 lessons total, and highly recommend the academy for anyone."

Ryan S.

Beginner Golfer

Is your junior golfer interested in picking up a golf club for the first time?

Looking to be able to bring your kids out on the course with you?

Our beginner junior programs are a great way to introduce your kid to the game of golf  in a fun, learning environment.

Intermediate Golfer

Looking to get better contact and more distance?

Wanting to get rid of that dreadful slice or hook?

These private lesson packages are design for the junior golfer thats looking to enjoy the game more and is driven to shoot lower scores.

Advanced Golfer

Does your child play golf on a regular basis?

Is your child wanting to compete in golf tournaments?

These private lessons are designed specifically for the junior golfer looking to compete at a higher level.

Elite Golfer

Does your child want to compete at the highest level?

Do they want to receive a golf scholarship?

These private lessons are designed specifically for the junior golfer looking to play their absolute best. With the use of the most advanced swing analysis technology, and a team of professionals to guide them along their way, we will be able to help them become the golfer they have always dreamed of!