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Elite Performance Program

Group Lessons

Learn to Compete  - Level 4

Available for juniors 9-18 years old

Learn to Compete is the 4th stage in our player development program, and is the beginning of our Junior Elite Program.

Your child will focus on continued skill development while being introduced to regular competition during training. They will start to learn how to compete in a tournament setting and develop mental focus to be able to deal pressure situations.

Train to Compete - Level 5

Available for juniors with a golf handicap of 10 or less

This is the 5th and final stage in our player development program. In this Elite Performance Program your child will work in a team training environment with like-minded juniors with a focus on golf specific fitness, course strategy, and mental focus. There will be a high focus on competition and personal development, while they train and compete at the highest level.

Private Lessons

Elite Private Lessons

Does your child want to compete at the highest level?

Do they want to receive a golf scholarship?

These private lessons are designed specifically for the junior golfer looking to play their absolute best. With the use of the most advanced swing analysis technology, and a team of professionals to guide them along their way, we will be able to help them become the golfer they have always dreamed of!

"Lago Golf Academy is the industry standard for instruction in the sport. Patrick hosts exceptionally well-organized lessons, he is personable, flexible, and knowledgeable. He is constantly looking at ways to improve the academy from a tech standpoint. Golf is a sport that is  best taught by someone other than a parent and Patrick and his team fill that role brilliantly. "

Ryan S.

"The new swing studio Patrick has just built is phenomenal! The level of insight he provides along with his clarity of explanation and knowledge of the golf swing is superb."

Tom S.

"From the first session, now on my 8th I have taken 25 strokes off my game. Patrick goes into great detail and visuals to help you improve your game on every scale.."

Connor M.