Lindsay Manion headshot

Lindsay Manion is considered one of the top Golf Performance Fitness Coaches in Canada. Lindsay’s background in golf as a Varsity athlete at the University of British Columbia and a student of the Bachelor of Human Kinetics program has led her into some of the top high performance coaching roles in BC.

Lindsay is the Lead Fitness Coach at the Lago Golf Academy and the Tour Performance LAB, part of the coaching squad with the BCGA provincial program, and a coach to the Men’s and Women’s SFU Golf Program. Lindsay has also worked with UBC Men’s and Women’s golf programs in the past,  local high school golf programs, and has branched out to other sports like hockey where she works with the Bantam A1 North Delta Sundemons.

Lindsay’s passion for athletic performance doesn’t stop with her clients. She also competes in a variety of sports in her spare time. These include: golf, soccer, basketball, hockey, and snowboarding.

Lindsay has not only spent the last 7 years developing the technical skills to help her clients, but has also taken a deep dive into the broad world of human performance.  Lindsay believes in coaching the human being, not just the athlete. Through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual skills, habits and planning,  Lindsay is able to help prepare her athletes for anything that their sports or lives bring them!


If you are looking to improve your distance or just wanting to feel stronger and more powerful while having the same energy on the 18th hole as you did on the 1st, this program is for you!  These hour long classes focus on a full body workout including core, posture, mobility and cardio.

interested in gaining more distance and playing pain free?

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