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Head Fitness Coach - Lindsay Manion

Meet Lindsay Manion: Golf Performance Fitness Coach

Lindsay Manion is considered one of the top Golf Performance Fitness Coaches in Canada. Lindsay’s background in golf as a Varsity athlete at the University of British Columbia and a student of the Bachelor of Human Kinetics program has led her into some of the top high performance coaching roles in BC.

Lindsay is the Lead Fitness Coach at the Lago Golf Academy and part of the coaching squad with the BCGA provincial program, and a coach to the Men’s and Women’s SFU Golf Program. Lindsay has also worked with UBC Men’s and Women’s golf programs in the past, and local high school golf programs.

titleist performance institute physical screening

TPI Physical Assessment

This assessment is designed to give you insight into how well your body moves from a functional perspective as well as a sport specific perspective. This is the first step to unleashing your true physical potential in a program and gym setting.

Golf Specific Strength, Power and Endurance — 8 week online program

This 8 week program is a custom designed program to help you golf pain free and unleashing your full athletic potential.