ladies only golf lessons - get golf ready

The ladies only golf lessons is designed to help you to Get Golf Ready! You get five lessons in a fun group setting with our Head Female Instructor Shiella Cowan

Each lesson will focus on a key aspect of the game and leave you feeling comfortable on the golf course and ready to play the game.

Lesson #1 - Putting basics

Lesson # 2 - Chipping basics

Lesson # 3 - Full swing fundamentals

Lesson #4  - How to the driver

Lesson #5 - Take what you learn out on the course

What you get

  • Maximum 4 students per group (to provide proper physical distancing)
  • 5 hours of instruction
  • Instruction taught by PGA Professional - Shiella Cowan
  • Free rental clubs and range balls during lesson

Ladies Only - Get Golf Ready  - Level 2 Program

This program is a continuation of the Ladies Only Level 1 Program

 This program is designed for Ladies that have already completed the Level 1 program or that have a good understanding of the basic fundamentals of the game of golf. This Ladies only golf lessons program is designed to further develop and progress your skills and in every aspect of the game.

Each lesson will focus on a key aspect of the game and allow for further skill development

Lesson #1 - Putting training - distance control and green reading

Lesson # 2 - Chipping  from  different situations (uneven lies)

Lesson #3 - how to hit it out of the sand

Lesson # 4 - full swing trajectory control

Lesson #5  - How to work the driver