Full Game Assessment

The full game assessment is a complete analysis of every aspect of your golf game,

  • Driver, woods, and hybrids
  • Irons
  • Wedge play
  • Chipping
  • Putting

This 2 hour session is designed to help you in every aspect of your game and help shed some light on what the key factors that are hindering you from reaching you maximum potential.

The full game assessment is designed to identify any major flaws that can cause you inconsistency in almost every aspect of your golf game. This assessment will help you completely understand what is hindering your golf game, and what you need to do to improve it. This is done by using two of the top golf instruction analysis systems –  V1 Pro Video Analysis and a Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor.

The V1 Pro is used by most of the top instructors and training facilities worldwide. It is the same state-of-the-art video analysis system tour players use to refine their swing mechanics. V1 Pro allows the Lago Golf Academy Instruction Team to accurately identify any swing flaws and prescribe the necessary changes in your road to improvement.

The Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor had been ranked as the top launch monitor on the market by Golf Digest for 4 years in a row. Trusted by the top golf instructors and club fitters in the world with 4 high frame rate cameras that provide pin point accuracy. This proprietary technology makes the GC Quad the most accurate launch monitor on the market.

What you get

  • 2 hour of instruction
  • Video analysis in HD using the #1 Golf Swing analysis software.
  • Review your lesson any where and anytime with a web lesson
  • Complimentary range balls and rental clubs for the duration of the lesson
  • Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor data (When scheduled in with the Director of Instruction)