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Peter's role at Lago Golf Academy is specializing in Senior Golf Instruction for anyone 55+years old. His focus is to provide a great learning experience and help you maximize your distance and to help you enjoy the game of golf for a lifetime.


As a youngster, Peter has always been attracted to the game of golf. He started playing golf at the age of 13.

After graduating from University, Peter became a P.G.A. Class A Golf Professional in 1986 and has now become a lifetime member with the P.G.A of Canada. Throughout his career he has competed in tournaments in both Canada and the United States.

Peter has successfully completed P.G.A Teaching & Coaching Level III Certification Program. He has worked at various golf clubs, indoor golf centres, and driving ranges. He has provided private and group lessons, conducted golf clinics, and organized junior golf camps. Peter’s teaching method parallels Ben Hogan’s theory of the “Fundamentals of the Golf Swing”.

Peter had the opportunity to work and play golf with his close friend Moe Norman.

Consequently, Peter’s playing skills and knowledge of the game were greatly enhanced.

In the summer of 2005 and 2006 Peter hosted weekly golf tips on Citytv, and in 2013 on C.T.V.

“Peter Knill possesses the proper conception of the golf swing, and the big thing is he knows how to put it across in the way people understand.”

Moe Norman, 1992

(a member of Canadian Golf Hall of Fame)